Blindde Film Review – A Movie Review

Blindde Film Review – A Movie Review

Blindde Film Review – A Movie Review
Winner of the prestigious award of the Venice Film Festival, Blindde by Mathieu Coelho is an incredible novel. When a young Danish backpacker gets between a blind farmer and his unsuspecting wife, an passionate love affair with potentially devastating consequences ensues. The couple’s story parallels that of thousands of others who find themselves caught in a web of deceit and intrigue. While some stories are based on true events, many are embellished for the purpose of making the tale more appealing to the reader.

The Blindde Company is a thriving company based in Denmark. By day, the company creates clothing that is environmentally friendly, but at night, they make movies. The movie, Blindde, was filmed in less than a month in the winter months, mostly in the mountains of Italy. Many of the scenes were filmed on location, which helped the directors to create an authentic look and feel that will stay with you long after viewing the film.

Based on the novel “The Desolate Area,” the film follows the story of the lead character, Blindde (Christoffer Conscell). He is a young hunter and leader of the Blindde family, which consists of his wife, his two sons and their cousin, Jo-Bert. He and his family live in a small cabin on a moat, where they hunt regularly and prepare food with a forge. One day, while searching for game, he finds a mysterious stranger hiding in the forest. The man, Thor, has been brought to Blindde by his lawyer, Marius, to represent him in his search for the mythical Stones of Flesh.

Attacked by his jealous brother, Blindde decides to kill Thor, but first want to find out why his brother is following him. But before they can do anything, the Stone of Flesh appears and starts killing people. Blindde must use all his resources to stop the murderer and protect those left behind. Marius and Blindde’s struggle will lead them into the depths of the forest and confront the evil Thanos, who wants the Stones for himself.

Director Favie Deguerin adopts a style of intense close-ups, interspersing the film with long and slow moments. The quiet moments between the characters, interspersed with frantic camera work, are quite riveting. When combined with outstanding photography by Ed Lasky, the viewer is treated to some truly mesmerizing images. Colorful and sensual scenes accompany the violent action; the quietness is punctuated by flashes of light and thunderous sounds. The music adds to the ambience as Blindde’s voiceovers the events. The acting is below the expectations, yet effective.

Despite its low budget, the Blindde Film has a lot to offer. Most of the characters are beautifully portrayed, and the story is captivating. If you are a fan of fantasy films, then surely you would have loved to see the film. For those who don’t watch fantasy films, the Blindde Film will surely satisfy your craving for mystery. Check out pvc vloer kopen to know more or visit

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